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Winning Big at the Sonoma Raceway with Levy Restaurants!

What a warm welcome! Levy’s Chefs and Staff from Sacramento, Portland, Las Vegas and Sonoma came out to meet us before we began loading. The truck quickly filled up with cases and trays layered high. The Levy Staff kept bringing more and more cases of food to donate. Just as we were preparing to leave, someone hurried out with stacks of pasty boxes filling his arms. The generosity and hospitality was impressive and set the bar high. Almost a ton of food . . . 1,902 lbs. of food was donated!

Cases and cases of fresh vegetables, mixed greens, spinach, a variety of prepared salads, BBQ beef and BBQ pork, so many types of breads and rolls, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, apples, oranges, fresh herbs, pastries, cookies, sauces and dressings too!

While the Redwood Gospel Mission was the main recipient, calls went out to share the bounty with many other agencies. Catholic Charities, Vicotry Outreach, First Baptist Church (Graton), Sequioa Seniors Community, Shania House (SLE), Community Baptist, Bethlehem Tower/Council on Aging, St. Vincent de Paul and the Living room all benefitted from this generous donation.

A Big Thank You Levy Restaurants and Sonoma Raceway. Their generosity enabled almost 2,000 people to be fed! And a Big Thank You also goes out to Redwood Gospel Mission for their wonderful staff and refrigerated truck.

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