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How it Works


A volunteer from SONOMA Food Runners will pick up your donation and deliver it to a location in Sonoma County where it will be used to feed those in need. If you call in the morning we will pick up your donation that same day. If you call in the afternoon, we will make every effort to make a same day pickup but cannot guarantee our ability to do so. We have partnered with ChowMatch to assist with our food recovery program.

We Accept


  • Excess prepared food from your event (caterers, restaurants, etc.)

  • Perishable Foods (grocery stores, farmers markets, farmers, food producers)

  • Minimum Donation feeds at least 10 people

No Need to Fear Legal Liability

Food from Your Home


If you have food from your home to donate you can contact SONOMA Food Runners at 415-516-7374 and we can help you find a place to take it.  


Donors of Food Are Protected From Legal Liability by Both State and Federal Laws

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