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Some potential donors hesitate to donate food out of fear that they could be held responsible should a recipient become ill from the donated food.

The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act Protects Donors

On October 1, 1996, President Clinton signed the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act to encourage donation of food and grocery products to non-profit organizations for distribution to individuals in need. 


This law:


  • Protects you from liability when you donate to a non-profit organization;

  • Protects you from civil and criminal liability should the product donated in good faith later cause harm to the recipient;

  • Standardizes donor liability exposure. You or your legal counsel do not need to investigate liability laws in 50 states; and

  • Sets a floor of "gross negligence" or intentional misconduct for persons who donate grocery products. According to the new law, gross negligence is defined as "voluntary and conscious conduct by a person with knowledge (at the time of conduct) that the conduct is likely to be harmful to the health or well-being of another person."


For a copy of the law go to: Good Samaritan Food Donation Act 


Food donated to SONOMA Food Runners is transported as quickly as

possible to ensure safety, freshness and appeal. 

Donor Liability, Fear Not!

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