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Amazing Happenings This Week!

I am so blessed.

Have just begun working with the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County to get the "free food" notice to nonprofits who serve our local hungry. Rachel McDavid and Jaime Smedes are absolute pleasures to work with. We had our first of more-to-come intros to SONOMA Food Runners.

Met with Tim Boeve of Sonoma Raceway to discuss next year's races and food donation possibilities. They truly understand the importance of food donations. I am so excited to work with Tim and his team to help feed our local hungry.

We will be in the 2015 Sonoma County Recycle Guide to get the word out about donating excess food!! Big Thank You to Karina!

The Sonoma County Green Business Program is interested in collaborating, too! We are meeting next week! Thank you, Karina, for the referral.

What a week!! Love it all.

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